Woman After Marriage: What do you want – life with full energy or with bunch of stress ??

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For most of the married woman it becomes very difficult to take care of themselves. They are invariably busy and stressed out, working humorously long hours. A woman life completely changes. They are usually too busy in taking care of their family as well as keep focus on advancing their career. In between all these they perceive that their bodies are changing gently day by day. They may suffer from backaches and headaches, lack of stamina, rising weight, sleeplessness, or any other such symptoms of stress.

There are numerous women who have moved from doctor to doctor with these symptoms, have had enough blood test or x-rays to get rid of it but were left high and dry without any remarkable change. Always remember “a healthy woman makes a healthy family”. Thus a woman must focus on these principal areas of health:

Bone health:

Women are more prone to bone related diseases or problems than man. Bone loss usually starts once woman hit menopause due to considerable drop in estrogens that take place when menstruation cycle end. Also normally during pregnancy bone loss happens. The developing infant needs huge quantity of calcium to form a healthy and strong body, and if the baby doesn’t get adequate amount of calcium from the mother’s diet or meal, the next source of calcium is her bone stores. A nutritious calcium and protein packed diet, proper amount of vitamin D and daily weight-handling exercise are necessary components of healthy bone. Also get some Sunlight which stimulates vitamin D production, that works with calcium to build strong bones.


A healthy diet and physical exercise is best tool to prevent heart disease. While many presume that taking pills that your healthcare provider has prescribed them is enough to get rid of symptoms or prevent a heart attack, but the real power lies in the real changes to your habits that can lower the risk of heart disease by utmost 80 percent. Don’t smoke or use tobacco, take healthy diet such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, bean, fish, dairy products and coconut oil. Also get some regular exercise for at least 30 minutes.


Metabolism is based on three aspects: The first aspect is Genetics, and the second one is thyroid function. Thyroid issues in women are more than man so women can find that they are losing certain metabolic edge at the age of 40s because of thyroid. The third aspect that effect metabolism is muscle mass. One should work out at the gym at least 3 days in a week, to maintain an appropriate muscle mass.

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