Food to avoid during pregnancy

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Being pregnant is one of the most precious gift for a women. Before pregnancy a women can eat anything which she likes without much caution but after pregnancy everything change. During pregnancy time women start thinking what she should eat and what not to eat at early stage of pregnancy.
During nine months of pregnancy, there are many changes occur in women’s body. Healthy food diet is very important to overcome these changes.

A pregnant woman should avoid these foodsFood to avoid during Pregnancy

Unpasteurized milk:

Everyone advise you to drink more milk because it provides you protein, calcium and mineral. But one thing which you should consider, always drink pasteurized milk because unpasteurized milk can create threat of listeria.

Raw eggs:

Avoid eating raw egg. It can create food poisoning. Eat completely boiled or cooked egg if you are not sure about it, then it is better not to take egg.

Raw meat:

Raw meat or under-cooked meat should be avoided because it has coli form bacteria other micro bacteria which is harmful.


Alcohol is not good for health and during pregnancy period it is unhealthy. Heavy drinking can create fatal alcohol syndrome (FAS) which is dangerous for baby health.


Caffeine is normally found in tea, coffee and some chocolates which can cause premature baby or low birth weight baby.

Fatty foods:

Don’t eat too much fatty food. It can make your cholesterol level very high and can cause fattier baby. During birth time baby’s fat can create problem.

Street food:

Forget to eat street food during pregnancy. It is very unhygienic and creates food poisoning.

Canned foods:

Avoid canned foods in pregnancy because it is store for long time. Due to long duration may be harmful bacteria generates in it. Use fresh foods.

Unwashed vegetables or fruit:

Never eat any fruit without washing it has harmful pesticides. Cut vegetable only after washing it.

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