Crack heel during pregnancy: causes and home remedies

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When a woman becomes pregnant, she enters into a new phase of life. In these nine months she feels lot of changes in her body. She should careful about these changes.  Many health issue like back pain, constipation, nausea, crack heels etc are common health problem.


Causes of cracked heels:

Main reason of cracked heel is negligence of heel. During pregnancy major part of body fluid required for growing baby. Due to this, heels not getting enough hydration and crack formed in it.

One more reason is weight. During pregnancy due to increasing weight excessive strain develops cracks in heel. Heels cannot sustain increase weight with normal nourishment, it require more nourishment.

Precautions and remedies for cracked heels

There are many remedies for cracked heel healing. One can get regular care by going spa once in a week.

  • Best home remedy is soaking your feet in warm water for an hour. Some time add lemon juice in water. Do this two times in a week.
  • Apply moisturising cream more often on your heels to avoid dryness.
  • Whenever go outside in sun shine use sunscreen lotion to avoid dryness of heel and feet.
  • Before sleeping massage your feet and heel with coconut oil. This will maintain moisturiser in your heels.

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