Back Pain During Pregnancy

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For married women to become mom is the dreamed gift. But during pregnancy she suffer many changes in her body and at last she bears intolerable pain to give birth to a new life. During pregnancy many problems like back pain, crack heel, morning sickness etc occurs. The main reasons for these problems are lack of care and not getting proper nutrients. Apart from these reasons, there are some other reasons of back pain which we will explain in this article.


Causes of back pain during pregnancy


1. Wrong postures:

Whatever posture we use for walking, lifting and standing before pregnancy, we don’t care much but using same posture during pregnancy can create back pain because your weight and center of gravity changes day by day.

2. Hormones:

Back pain can be due to hormonal changes because after a certain time of pregnancy (5 to 6 month) our brain release hormone called relaxin, which helps the muscles of pelvic girdle to open more for baby to come outside. Relaxin hormone circulate in whole body and loose the muscles and joints of different parts. Due to looseness of  back joints, pain starts.

3. Tension:

During pregnancy women start taking tension for what to do and not to do. First time pregnant women think more. But according to doctors tension and stress are also one of the causes of muscles pain.


Back pain relief techniques


back pain during pregnancy

1. Exercise:

it is necessary to stretch the muscle otherwise sometimes due to wrong posture fatigue can develop at the joints.

2. Right posture:

Always follow right posture for walking, lifting, sitting and standing during pregnancy. It eases the pain. If you stand for more time then use support. For sitting always sit with back support.

3. Maternity pillows:

Use maternity pillows under your stomach and back side. A good sleep with right posture is necessary. Sleep on your side.

4. Massage:

Regular massage release the strain developed at different joints and back side. Sometimes massage with little warm oil.

5. Support belt:

You can use maternity support belt for carrying the stomach weight.

6. Stress relieving technique:

Make practice of mediation. It reduces the tension and stress of mind.

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