Alcohol during pregnancy

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alcohol during pregnancyPregnant women and infant baby mother should take care of her food habits because it directly affects the infants. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is very dangerous. It can affect the unborn baby health. Alcohol passes form mother’s blood to child’s blood and can damage brain or spinal cord cell. It can also leads to death of the child. All varieties of alcohol like beer, whisky and wine, all are harmful, whether you take it in small or medium quantity.

In maximum cases women know about her pregnancy after passing 6 to 8 weeks. So, better is to avoid alcohol from early stage of the pregnancy. It is pregnant mother’s responsibility to take care of her unborn child’s healthy growth.

There are many problems which occur during pregnancy if a pregnant woman intakes alcohol. Some of them are as follows:

Low born body weight

Abnormal head shape

Memory loss

Mental Retardation

Vision and hearing problem

Speech and language delay

Abnormal face features

Growth problem

Premature birth

Abnormal behavior

Heart defects

Malfunction of inner organs


Low born baby weight:

Standard weight of infant baby is 2.5 kg (nearly 5.51 pounds) at the time of birth but sometimes infant’s weight is below 4 pounds and it causes serious issues like breathing problems, reduction in immunity level and may be sudden infant death syndrome.

Abnormal facial features:

Some child may have abnormal facial structure like flat face, small jaw, less opening of eyes, less or more numbers of fingers in hand or legs.

Abnormal head and physic:

Some children have bigger or smaller head and the shape of their body is also irregular.

Mental retardation:

Sometimes alcohol during pregnancy has more dangerous results like mental retardation. Child may suffer by cranial anomalies or microcephaly mental retardation.

Memory Loss:

This irregularity of child comes in front of us after 2-3 years of birth. When child suffers by short term memory loss problem means child cannot remember anything for long time.

Vision and hearing problem:

Alcohol during pregnancy may damage the vision or hearing nerves of infant baby. That causes vision and hearing problem to the child.

Speech and language delay:

Some child have speech and language delay problem means when they listen any speech, their mind take more time than the normal time to give response for reply.

Growth problem:

Some children who are exposed with alcohol before birth have less growth in comparison to other normal children’s growth.

Premature Birth:

When baby born before 9 month of pregnancy, is called premature birth. In maximum cases of premature birth, it is very difficult to save the child because of lack of complete nourishment cycle. If child save then they may face health problems like jaundice, anemia etc.

Abnormal behavior:

Child, who is in touch with alcohol before birth may  have abnormal behavior due to damage of brain nerves.

Malfunction of inner organs:

Due to excess drinking of alcohol during pregnancy, child may have kidney, urinary defects or multi organ dysfunctions syndrome. It may cause problem in respiratory or digestive system.

Heart defect:

Sometimes the infants are affected by heart defects. They may have a hole in the heart, heart murmurs or reduction in heart beat rate.

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