Home remedies to increase metabolism

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The process by which our body converts the food we consume into energy is known as metabolism. This energy is required by the body to perform daily activities. The rate at which our body converts fuel to energy and burn calories is the reason why some people are faster or slower than others. Even when you take rest, your body do functions like circulating blood in the entire body, repair cells and breathing and all need energy.

Some symptoms of low or slow metabolism are

1) Weakness

2) Fatigue

3) Low blood pressure

4) Constipation

5) High body fat

6) Slow pulse


Best home remedies to increase metabolism:

home remedies to increase metabolismA low metabolism can have a great effect on your health like body weight, how at-risk you are for diabetes, energy level, etc. So to increase your metabolism here is 10 simple home remedies.

1) Eat breakfast:

A healthy breakfast speeds up your metabolism up to 10 percent. Because when you wake up in the morning your metabolism slows down as you sleep and until you eat something you will not speed up again.

2) Green tea:

Green tea is a potent metabolism stimulator. It raises metabolic rate and accelerates fat oxidation. Drinking it frequently can help you to speed up weight loss.

3) Get enough sleep:

It is found that metabolism rates slow down if you don’t get enough sleep in both men and women. Even three weeks of mild sleep scarcity can raise your body’s insulin resistance which causes reduction in your body’s metabolism rate. This also increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

4) Ginger:

The thermogenic properties (i.e. when consumed, slightly increases body temperature) of ginger helps in increasing your metabolic rate and feeling of satisfaction that makes you to eat less and thus can burn calories faster.

5) Increase liquid conswateron:

You can speed up your metabolism by drinking water (at least 2 liter in a day) or ice water and healthy fluids such as

• Fruit and vegetable juices

• Coconut water

• Skim milk

• Herbal tea (peppermint tea, green tea, ginger tea etc.)

• Fruits and vegetables having high water content etc.

6) Do exercise daily:

Regular exercise is essential to boost your metabolism as it increases your metabolic rate. So all you need is to simply keep yourself moving during the day, whenever possible.

7) Go with healthy eating way:

Having regular healthy meal and healthy snacks assists your metabolism all over the day. Take a healthy breakfast in the morning. Then instead of having two big meals, eat small meals frequently throughout the day. In between meals you can intake healthy snacks.

8) Eat spicy food:

It is found that spicy foods like chilli peppers improves your metabolism and stimulates your nervous system after meals. It boosts your metabolism up to 3 hours. Also eating chilli food decreases your appetite so that you eat less.

9) Warm lemon water:

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water, alkalize your body and increase your metabolism. It also keeps you hydrated. You can add black pepper to your lemon water as it will not only boost your metabolism but will also help in losing weight.

10) Get enough to eat:

Your metabolism can slow down up to 30 percent if you eat too little. So instead of reducing the quantity of food to lose weight, take enough healthy foods and do exercise daily as starving food can slow down your metabolism.

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