Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp

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itchy scalpDo you have itchy scalp? If you scratch your head continuously without any known reason then you’re having itchy scalp. Regularly scratching your scalp causes embarrassment in front of others and affects your mood. Sometime other people start thinking negative about you. So it’s better to remove this problem as early as possible.

Many factors causes itchy scalp like dandruff, anxiety, dry scalp, fungus or viral infection.

In maximum cases scalp itches due to dandruff and oil layer build up on scalp.

Home remedies for itchy scalp

Lemon juice

Lemon has antiseptic properties which help to remove itchy causes from scalp.

Take juice of 2 lemon and mix 1 tablespoon of water to dilute it. Then apply it on your scalp with finger tips or with cotton ball. Leave it for 5-7 minutes. Clean it with fresh water.

Apple juice

Apple is rich in minerals required to remove itchiness of skin and scalp.

Take 3-4 tablespoon of apple juice and add 2 tablespoon of water. Rinse scalp and hair with this or you can directly apply apple pulp on your scalp for 15 to 20 minutes. Then clean with lukewarm water.

Natural oils

We can use oils like coconut oil, lavender oil or rosemary oil for scalp massage. These oils have anti-inflammatory properties which help to remove itchiness of dry scalp.

Aloe Vera

This herbal is well known for skin and hair healing power.

Take the gel of aloe vera leaf and massage the scalp with it. Then clean your scalp with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Banana & naspati (avocado)

Mix half banana and 1 avocado very well and form a paste. Apply this on your scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse your scalp. This Paste is helpful to clean the dandruff and other undesirable particles form scalp.

These home remedies are very effective and safe to use. Daily treatment will reduce the itchiness and dryness of scalp.

Note: The persons who has allergy problem from above mentioned any fruits. Please don’t follow them.

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