Best home remedies for mouth ulcer

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Mouth ulcer is a broken patch (sore) inside the mouth. It is also named as oral mucositis or canker sores. It may appear on inside portion of the lip, cheek and above or lower portion of inside mouth. It is white/yellow in color with red border circle. It can be painful, irritating and cause of distress. Sometime mouth ulcer creates embracing situation in public place due to quick reaction and pain with hot food stuff. Usually mouth ulcer heals within 6 to 8 days but sometime it may be severe (herpetiform ulcer) and takes more time.


mouth ulcerCauses of mouth ulcer

There are many factors that can root of cold sores or mouth ulcer. Some of them are as follows:-

Problem in digestive system like Indigestion, constipation

Excess Acidity in stomach

Stress and depression

Lack of vitamins like B and C

Lack of nutrients and minerals

Heredity aspect

Hormonal imbalance

Skin disease

Allergy with any food item

Accidental bite of cheek by teeth

Infections due to tobacco products

Problems in intestines


Home remedies for mouth ulcer:


home remedies for mouth ulcer


Ice: If mouth ulcer creates more pain, gently rub ice cube over effected area. It will decrease the pain.

Basil (Tulsi): Tulsi is a medicinal plant rich in antibacterial, antiviral properties and its leaves are boon for mouth ulcer. Chew 3-4 leaves thrice a day

Papaya: It is excellent fruit to eat during mouth ulcer. It provide help to heal quickly.

Coconut: Coconut milk and coconut oil both are very helpful in ulcer treatment. Gargle with coconut milk and massage the affected area with coconut oil thrice a day.

Hydrogen peroxide: It is use for cleaning any infected area like wound etc. It has great antiseptic, anti-inflammatory property. Mix small amount of hydrogen peroxide with water and use this solution to gargle. Do it twice a day.

Honey: it has great potential to heal the mouth ulcer. It is rich in antioxidant. Apply it on affected area with cotton ball. Do it twice a day.

Butter milk: It is helpful to reduce the pain of mouth ulcer.

Indian gooseberry (amla): It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Make a paste of it and apply on the affected area.

Banana: The mixture of banana and curd is very helpful to provide relief from pain.

Liquorice: It has anti-inflammatory property which is helpful to reduce pain of mouth ulcer. Make a paste of liquorice stem with little water and apply on affected area. Do it thrice a day.


Important tips

Rinse your mouth with salt water (add half teaspoon salt with one cup water). It prevents the ulcerated spot from getting more infection.

Use onion as salad in your food.

Use soft toothbrush and if possible change it every month.

Avoid using hot and spicy food items. It creates severe pain.

Don’t take tea or coffee.

Don’t eat acidic or citrus fruits like oranges, pineapples, figs and tomatoes etc

Avoid to take alcohol and tobacco products.

Normally mouth ulcer heals by itself with 10 days but if it is not healed or creating continuous pain then consult to your doctor.

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