Top 10 health benefits of morning walk

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top 10 health benefits of morning walkDaily morning walk is one of the easiest and best exercises to do and to keep you body healthy. The one who walks regularly in early morning can feel the difference. Walking not only helps you to make your body physically fit but mentally strong and  healthy. It also keeps you away from the risk of a number of diseases and gives a fresh start to your day.


Top 10 benefits of morning walk are:


1. Healthy start of the day:

Morning walk is a great way to start your day in a healthy way. You can feel the change

in yourself by just walking for 30 minutes in early morning. It is an easy exercise that boosts your energy, makes you feel refresh and gives a healthy start to your day.


2. Improves blood circulation:

Walking enhances the blood circulation of your body. This helps in supply of oxygen to the cells and tissues of your body and decreases the risk of several diseases.


3. Weight loss:

Walking in early morning along with healthy diet plan helps in keeping proper body weight. You should walk for about 30-40 minutes daily to feel the changes. Walking burns the calories and raises heart rate.


4. Blood pressure control:

It is found that walking daily for about 30 minutes reduces the risk of hypertension. Morning walk makes the blood vessels relax and enhance the blood circulation in the body which in turn helps to maintain your body blood pressure.


top 10 health benefits of morning walk


5. Diabetes control:

Walking helps to improve blood sugar level by involving use of insulin and thus trim down the risk of having diabetes. Also one of the causes of diabetes is weight and walking helps to keep your body weight under control.


6. Reduce stress:

Morning walk also helps to reduce stress by helping brain to release chemicals that diminish anxiety. Walking also boosts the creation of feel good hormones in your body. For getting the result walk until you start feeling sweaty.


7. Healthy heart:

Daily early morning walk for 30 minutes helps to reduce the risk of heart problems. Since while walking you intake huge amount of oxygen which purifies your blood, burn unwanted extra fat and improves blood circulation. These all helps your heart to function properly.


8. Improves brain power:

Walking not only energizes you physically but also energizes and refreshes your mind. While walking your blood circulation improves which means it delivers large amount of oxygen to your mind. This helps to boost your mental health and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


9. Healthy skin:

Daily morning walk helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Since it balances your hormones and improves blood circulation, it helps you to get rid of pimples, acne, wrinkles and gives you skin a natural healthy look.


10. Proper sleep:

Early morning walk gives energy and refreshes your mood which helps you to manage your whole exhausting day and this is proved that, at the end of the day this morning walk will give you a perfectly sound sleep. Walking improves the functioning of your body and your life too.




Some other important tips for morning walk:


1. The best time for walk is early morning so that your body can absorb vitamin D from sun’s first ray and gets energized amply.

2. Walk before taking your breakfast because walking immediately after eating food can disturb your body’s proper digestion process.

3. Take a brisk walk. Your body burn more calories if you will walk fast.

4. Wear comfortable clothes and right pair of shoes for walking.

5. Do not drink water while walking. You can drink water after 5 to 10 minutes of completing walk or before starting walk.

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