How to manage the stress

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Stress is a physiological and psychological reaction to any demand made by the organism. Our body responds to any demand with the classical fight or flight response. Some stress can be good, even up to a limit stress helps to improve our performance, but too much can interfere with your normal activities and contribute to too many medical problems – some serious also. For example; fatigue, headaches, cramps, prolonged depression, heart disease, ulcers and colitis can result from stress.stress management

There are various methods available to control and manage the stress. One on them is to list the different causes considerable for your anxiety and frustration and try to solve them with calm mind and if solution not possible then try to leave thinking about them.


Steps you can take to protect yourself against stress

When you plan your life activities by yourself and try to follow them, the chances of stress development is less. Here we are providing few steps which will help you to plan your life activity with no room for stress.

Plan your work-

Organize your workload to use time and energy efficiently. Ask for help to your seniors and colleague if, work load seems overwhelming.

Be realistic-

Set practical goals don’t expect the impossible. Try not to tackle with too much problems at one time.

Learn to relax-

Continuous work can be creating stress, so it is better to take short breaks, days out and holidays. Start a hobby to do something to relax every day is highly recommended. Regular exercise, solving puzzles are the methods you can try.

Limit change-

Avoid making too many major changes in your life at one time; allow an adjustment period for each change.

Improve your environment-

Rearrange your office, redecorate your home, etc., – little changes can help you feel in control and give you a lift.

Speak professional help-

Don’t ignore physical symptoms of stress like depression, lack of concentration to work, stubborn behavior, smoking and drinking initiation etc. Consult your doctor for advice or treatment.

Talk with friends-

Discuss problems with the people who is involved in it. Or try to talk on matter with a close friend, before tensions build up.


With these steps, if you start any one relaxing technique like meditation or yoga etc. will definitely help you to reduce your stress.



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