How to lose thigh fat

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Now a day everybody wants perfect body, but women are more self-conscious. They try to remove fatty body parts. Lean, fit and beautiful thighs are the dream of every girl. By giving regular attention on exercise and diet plan anyone can get perfect thighs. Actually there is no particular diet or exercise which provide lean and perfect thigh. Here we are providing some points related to diet and exercise which are collectively very effective to reduce thigh fat.

10 easy ways to lose thigh fat

how to lose thigh fat

1) Diet:

For fat loss, eat those foods which are rich in proteins, complex carbohydrate and nutrients. Also the food you consume should have low calorie and low fat. Add more whole grain in your meal as it provides additional fiber to your body and turn away your body from putting on extra weight. Instead of taking three big meals in a day, divide it and intake small meals throughout the day. This will also help you to keep your metabolism high and curb your hunger.

2) Cardio:

Cardio exercise help to burn calories and develop lean muscle tissue thereby reducing your whole body weight and at the same time to lose your thigh fat particularly, opt for cardio exercises that involve your thighs. It also helps to improve your lungs and heart health. To lose fat you should aim to do cardio for at least 50-60 minutes on 5 days in a week.

3) Drink plenty of water:

Drinking water not only keep you hydrated but also helps to lose weight. Instead of drinking soda, fruit juice or any other sweetened beverages prefer to drink water as it has no calorie. Also drinking water especially before taking meal encourages portion control.

4) Must have breakfast:

When you sleep your metabolism gets slow down, so to boost your metabolism early in the morning start your day with healthy breakfast daily. This will make your body protein and fiber filled and fit to go for cardio exercise.

5) Running:

One of the best and preferred exercises to lose not only thigh fat but also overall body fat is running. It raises your heart rate and accelerates your metabolism.

6) Swimming:

Swimming is a wonderful workout to tone your whole body as well as to lose thigh fat. So if you have the facility to do swimming nearby to you then must go for it to make your body look fit.

7) Yoga:

Yoga helps to forge muscle on your inner and outer thighs and potency in your back. It also makes you feel relaxed and look slim and fit.

8) Thigh exercise:

Thigh exercise will not help to burn calories but will help to get slim appearance. Thigh exercises include squats and reverse lunge.

• In squat exercise you have to put your back against the wall and bow your knees making a 45 degree angle. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise for 4 sets of 10 rehearsals.

• In reverse lunge exercise you have to place your feet about 7 to 8 inches away from each other and your torso upright. Take a step backward and lower your hips so long as your fore thigh is parallel to the floor.

9) Get enough sleep:

If you will not take enough sleep then it will makes you snack more which in turn result into consumption of more calories and also cause you to feel tired to do exercise. So take enough sleep.

10) Take the stairs:

To lose thigh fat or leg fat faster choose to take stairs instead of taking elevator daily. Opt for stairs not only once but use it several times whenever you need to go up or down always to get its effect.

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