How to improve hearing

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hearing problemWhen your boss discuss some important matter with you and you are not able to respond well. Then your boss relate it with your understanding level but in real, it is the case of listening problem (in most of the cases). Listening problem makes your life difficult whether you are in home or with friends.


Hearing problem makes life abnormal. To make your ear healthy follow these points in your daily life.

1. Make a habit to solve puzzles it improve your brain activity. Do some more brain related activities like Sudoku; crossword puzzles etc because brain has a important role in understanding the sound which we listen from ears.

2. Yoga and meditation improve (nose filtering) your hearing ability. Different yoga poses and deep breath meditation increase blood circulation in body parts (in brain and ear also) which improve your nerve functioning system and remove waste.

3. Do exercise related to hearing. It is necessary to understand location of sound origin and focusing on it. You can do this exercise with help of your partner. Go to some natural place with sound creating instruments like bell, horn etc. and perform this exercise. One more exercise you can perform that is to recognize different types of sound. Perform these exercises with close eyes and your partner should be 20 feet away from you.

4. Eat food rich in nutrients and antioxidant vitamins which protects your hearing. Avoid food rich in mercury and arsenic. Eat green leafy vegetables like mustard greens, collards, pumpkin etc.

5. Routine exercise is also beneficial for hearing like cycling and running. These exercises increase blood circulation in all body parts.

6. Cleaning of ear is very necessary for healthy hearing. Clean out outer ear canal with ear drops. You can clean your ear with the help of cotton also. Don’t clean ear with sharp edges like pencil or wood piece.

7. Always use protective equipment like ear plug or cover your ear with cloth or hand in heavy noise area.

8. Once in a year consult with audiologist and if there is any abnormality related to ear, then take it seriously and follow the advice of audiologist.

These are normal but very effective tips to prevent your ear and hearing ability lifelong.

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