How to expel tiredness from your life

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Tiredness may be defined as a feeling of fatigue, weary, exhausted or scarcity of energy. It can be observed as lousy eating habits, boredom, sadness, lack of sleep and stress. It can be felt in body or mind.

In most of the cases tiredness removes by good nutrition, sufficient sleep, normal or happy environment. Even then if someone is not feeling relaxed he should consult the doctor.

Here we are providing some healthy tips to expel tiredness from your life and make your life full of energy.


  • Sleep

For a healthy life it is very important to get enough sleep. But now a days most of us undergo sleeplessness as we need to remain alert from the beginning to the end of the day.

One should sleep for at least 6 hours in a day. Those who have sleeping problems should go on the bed after taking bath, then sleep and get up in the morning at the same time daily. So that it will become their habit.


  • Healthy Diet

Don’t omit meals as this will give endow energy for the whole day. Take sufficient amount of fruits, green vegetables, grain food, less fat dairy product and iron rich foods like lean red meat. Rather than taking three big meals in a day, take six small meals. It will result in more stable sugar, blood and insulin level. Scale down the use of high sugar, high salt and high fat in food. Sometimes we feel tired just because of little dehydration. So drink enough water that is 3 to 4 litters every day. Drink water especially after physical exercise.


  • Physical activity

Physical activity may be defined as any manual work or activity done by a person such as walking, dancing, gardening, cycling, exercise etc. Regular physical activity not only makes you feel good but it also has many positive effects on the body. An ample course of exercise assists you to have better sleep at night. Reduce seated behaviours like watching T.V., long session of sitting, usage of computer for long time.


  • Reduce stress

Laughter or happiness is the best weapon to get rid of stress. Stress consumes large amount of energy. To boost energy one should include some activities that make them relax and happy in their day to day activity list. These activities can be talking with friends, going out for holiday or for a walk to refresh, working out at gym, reading books, playing, listening music or dancing, meditation, yoga or anything different from the daily routine or make you away from the thought or thing that give you stress. Just do whatever you love or like.


  • Avoid alcohol and smoking


Excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking are also one of the causes of tiredness. Many people say that drinking alcohol reduce the tiredness but in real alcohol increase tiredness for life time.



  • Go to doctor

Meet your doctor if you feel tiredness regularly, even after following all above tips, to ensure that it is not because of any medical issue. Studies have shown that most of the tiredness cases are mainly due to stress.


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