Healthy Ways To Gain Weight

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Healthy Ways To Gain Weight:

In this world every person wants to be fit, neither bulky nor lean. This is promising when we gain healthy fat and healthy muscles. We watch many advertisements everyday to gain weight in short period of time. This is possible by plastic surgery only. Natural methods take time and effort both. In market, there are many medicine available to gain weight and by use of them you will definitely gain weight but when you will leave to take them, they create side effects and your body further comes into earlier body shape. So, according to me, avoid taking medicine for weight gain, in place of those we can use natural homemade remedies to gain the weight. Weight gain is possible by proper diet and exercise.


Main causes of  underweight

Digestive trouble, busy lifestyle, heredity, laziness, less sleeping pattern, improper food timing, underfeeding, outside eating habit.

Too little eating habits, irregular meal timing, undernourishment, doing hard work without increasing food intake.

Excess work, depression, stress, anxiety work, negative thinking, inferiority.

Long time suffering by diseases- like tuberculosis, mouth ulcer, hormonal abnormality, cancer, Aids, tumor, heart disease etc.


Very important Points

> Take a standard breakfast, light lunch, good dinner (in the evening) and a glass of milk at bed time.

> Avoid smoking and tobacco in any form.

> Know your energy requirement and follow a balanced diet plan.

> Avoid late night parties, heavy meal, ice-cream, chocolates, spiced & very hot food and junk food also.

> Take small meals at intervals of 4 to 5 hours and avoid snacks (biscuit, nuts, fried snacks etc.) in between.

> Record consumption of tea, coffee, and soft drinks.

> Record your weight by weekly and watch the difference. If you are gaining weight, increase your exercise time or control diet (not drastically), Avoid being obese.

> Do not adopt stringent diet restrictions to reduce weight.

> Take salad  and green vegetables every day.


Healthy Ways To Weight Gain

Healthy ways to Gain weight


You can follow few of these healthy ways to gain weight naturally.

1) Banana with milk:

Bananas are rich in calories and carbohydrate which is excellent source of weight gain. Eat one banana daily in morning with Luke warm milk or make banana milk shake with half tablespoon sugar.

2) Nuts:

Many nuts like almonds, cashews, figs and walnuts are full of vitamins, minerals  and fibers  which helps you to gain weight. Soak 3-4 dried figs and 5-6 cashews in milk or water for overnight and eat it with empty stomach.

3) Mango and milk:

Eat  one ripen mango three times in a day or make mango milk shake and drink it two times.

4) Sweets:

Many sweet products like ice-creams, dark chocolates, cakes  and pastries are rich in calories, hence they are good for weight gain. But it should be taken in a limited amount.

5) Dairy products:

Dairy products like milk, paneer, butter and cheese have proteins, calcium and fats. These products are like super food for them who want to gain the weight.

6) Fruit juice:

Eat light meal after every 2 to 3 hours instead of heavy meal. Pure juice are rich in calories, vitamins and nutrients. So take juice of fruits.

7) Potatoes:

Potatoes are rich source of proteins and carbohydrates which is healthy food for those who want to gain more weight.

8) Eggs:

We can start our day with three to four  boiled eggs. These are rich in minerals, proteins and fats. It provide your help to gain weight. Eat white parts more than the egg yolk.

9) Tuna Fish:

Among the fishes ,tuna fish is more rich in calorie and protein. Due to that it is desirable for weight gaining persons.

10) Sleep:

Body relaxation is very necessary sometimes (one hour) after the meal. If possible sleep one hour in day time and 6 to 7 hours in night.

11) Regular Exercise:

Healthy exercise means which increases your heart rate and deep breathing, like running, jogging, cycling and  swimming. Theses exercises make your body more flexible, infection resistance, improve concentration and improve your sleep.

Tips for exercise:-

> Start your exercise with warm-ups and end with strain releasing exercise.

> In starting days, do less exercise otherwise it will create fatigue in your body joints.

> Exercise up to your strength, not up to the point of pain.

> Increase your time and speed of exercise slowly.

> Make habits of it at least four days in a week, for minimum 20 minutes.

> Measure your improvement in health, it will provide you motivation.

> You can exercise while listening music.

Many people think these exercises reduce our body weight but in real if you follow them with proper diet. It will provide you healthy and fit body.

12) Water:

Drink water in adequate quantity. Body needs more water during physical changes. So drink 4 to 5 liters water in a day.

13) Red meat:

Lean red meat is very useful in gaining weight. It is full of iron element and proteins.

14) Ginger:

Many guys feeling digestion problem during weight gaining process. They should eat ginger in raw form or in tea form. It will increase the flow of blood to the body.

15) Stress reduction:

If you always feel stress due to your work load or any other reason then use stress reduction methods like meditation, yoga.These are very useful to avoid negative thoughts and depression.


Points to remember:

> Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol habits.

> Perform exercise within your strength limit.

> Drink 4 liter water every day.

> Try to wake up early morning.

> Try to sleep early.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

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