Healthy Food Habit

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Positive Food Habits retain the remedial value of Food, and when they become negative, the medicines for diseases replace the Food.

Food is essential for life but when taken in excess takes away life. So be careful about eating the foods.

Negative Food Habits:

  • In taking more Calories.
  • Many time eating in a day.
  • Irregular Food timings
  • Talks and arguments continue during meals.
  • Snacks during watching movies and TVs.

In individuals with different  personalities, appetite controlling hormones get disturbed, resulting in excess secretion of hunger hormone ’Ghrelin’ and reduction of “Leptin” the appetite suppressing hormone, force the person to over eat and gain more and more weight . With your intelligence, create the food habits positive at the earliest.

In short, avoiding the triplet of hurry, curry and worry make you healthy.


 Positive Food Habits:

  • Take Food when you feel necessity and not for enjoyment or taste.
  • Average person above 18 years requirement is 1800 Kcal/day.
  • Take meals in regular fixed timings.
  • Never skip breakfast, eat less for lunch and much less for dinner that 2-3 hours before going to bed.
  • Enjoy food and give enough time to masticate, which facilitates good digestion and assimilation.
  • If possible avoid snacks between meals.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables 15 minutes before the main dish it makes you hungrier.
  • Never take food to full capacity.
  • We should think about next meal after the full digestion of previous meal only.


Healthy tip for long life

–Half stomach food.

–Quarter stomach water.

–Quarter stomach empty.












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