Effect of various sleeping position on the health

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Sleeping is a physical state of rest and at that time our eyes remain closed and we become insensible or physically inactive. After sleeping when we wake up, sometimes we suffer from neck, hand, stomach, leg or back pain problems. So we should know the appropriate sleeping positions to avoid these problems.

1) Free-fall position:


In this position while sleeping one recline his/her head on one or the other side, which may lead to pain in neck due to more stress on the neck. On the other hand this position helps in improving one’s digestive system and also helps in minimizing snoring problem.

2) Side sleeper:


One’s health gets affected by sleeping on either right side turn or left side. On sleeping right side, heart problem can happen, while on sleeping left side, strain may put on internal organs such as lung, stomach and liver.

3) Foetal position:

Most of the people feel comfortable to sleep in foetal or curled position. But this position leads to hand, neck or back pain problem in body. It also clogs deep breathing and is not favorable for a pregnant woman.

4) On back and arms down side:

This is the best position for a healthy spine and also good for neck pain. But on the adverse side, one sleeping in this position tends to snore immensely than sleeping in any other position.


6) On back and arms up side:


This sleeping position helps to prevent wrinkles on face and skin breakouts. But this position also causes snoring, acid reflux problem and having your arms results in pressure on nerves in one’s shoulders which leads to pain.

5) Pillow supplemented:

This is the most preferable way of sleeping because it does not lead to any kind of health related problem. The one who sleeps in free fall position can keep the pillow below their hips and those who sleep on back can keep the pillow below their spine arc.

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