Drinking alcohol: Effect on your body

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Alcohol is an addictive and highly toxic beverage. The effect of alcohol on your body depends on the amount of alcoholic beverage you have consumed and its type.

Alcoholic drinks contain an active ingredient in it, called ethanol that makes you drunk which in turn affects your health and mental status.

Drinking too much alcohol can result into several serious health problems on your body which not only affects you but also directly or indirectly to you family and surroundings.




Some health issues that you will face on drinking alcohol are:


1. Brain:

Drinking too much alcohol disturbs the communication path of your brain which results into change in your behavior and mood. Your brain becomes unable to control impulses, think clearly and sometimes heavy drinking makes you physically and emotionally alcohol dependent. It can also cause brain damage.


2. Cancer:

Regular drinking of alcohol helps in increasing the risk of cancers like mouth cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer. When you drink alcohol your mouth and throat especially gets affected harmfully as the cell linings of your mouth and throat are directly exposed to it.


3. Digestive system:

Drinking alcohol disturbs the normal functioning of your digestive system and too much drinking can result into damage of parts of your digestive area, reduces its ability to absorb nutrients and control bacteria. It can also cause stomach ulcer, abdominal fullness, diarrhea and inflammation of stomach lining.




4. Immune system:

Drinking too much alcoholic beverages can weaken your immune system. It makes your body more liable to contract diseases like tuberculosis.  Heavy alcohol drinking increases risk of several types of cancer also.


5. High blood pressure:

Chronic alcohol drinking can result into increase in blood pressure which can further lead to a number of health issues like kidney diseases, heart diseases etc. It disturbs the normal functioning of your nervous system which controls your blood vessels in response to stress, exertion etc.

6. Depression:

Many people drink alcohol when they suffer from depression, tension or anxiety, in order to reduce their stress and feel relaxed. And this alcohol can make you feel relief for some hours but after that your mental health will get worse. It is found that chronic drinking is the main cause of depression.


7. Circulatory system:

Heavy alcohol drinking increases the risk of heart damage. It acts as a poison for heart muscle cells. It also results in heart attack, heart failure and makes your heartbeat irregular.

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