Causes Of Obesity And Its Prevention

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Simple meaning of obesity is so much body fat. In scientific term its meaning is “Excess weight than average for specified  sex, tallness and age.” It is due to abnormal increase in the size and number of fat cells in the body.

Obesity can increase the following health risk factors:



Heart disease


Abdominal hernia

Joint problems (knee)

Causes of obesity-

1) Age factor: Obesity has no age timeframe. About 1/3rd of obese adults have been so since childhood.

2) Gender: Men were found to gain weight between 30 to 35 years, and women between 45 to 49 years of age.

3) No physical activity: primary cause to increase in body weight.

5) Food habits: Eating between meals, favourite to sweets, refined foods, excessive consumption of fatty foods like pizza, burger etc., will lead to obesity.

6) Harmon: Obesity frequently runs in families and is also seen in some cases of hormone imbalance.

7) Feel factor: Like depression, anxiety, frustration, etc can result in over eating and obesity.


There are three ways to cut the fat and get lean and healthy body:

1) Healthy food

2) Healthy exercise

3) Healthy breath


 Healthy food

When your body need energy, don’t eat fat rich food. It makes you fattier. Many people apply crash diets for getting lean body but this is only short term solution.

> Always eat in sitting position and avoid sitting help.

> Eat heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and a light evening meal.

> Eat slowly and chew at least 20 times your one lour.

> Eat smaller portions of butter, cream, red meats, cakes..these are rich in sugar and fat

> Prefer boiled egg instead of oil fry egg

> Drink toned milk instead of normal milk

> Avoid tea and coffee repetition

> Prefer oil less chapattis

> Use boiled potatoes in place of fried ones

> If feeling hungry between the meals eat fresh and clean fruits

> In each meal include beans, dals and green leafy vegetables. They are rich in fibre

> Avoid adding sugar or salt on top of the food.

> Give at least 1 hour between dinner and sleeping time.

Healthy exercise

Healthy exercise means which increases your heart rate and deep breathing. It also called aerobic exercise like running, jogging, cycling and  swimming. This exercise makes your body more flexible, infection resistance, improve concentration and improve your sleep.

> Start your exercise with warm-ups and end with strain releasing exercise.

> In starting days, do less exercise otherwise it create fatigue in your body joints.

> Exercise up to your strength, not up to the point of pain.

> Increase your time and speed of exercise slowly

> Make habits of it at least four days in a week, for minimum 20 minutes.

> Measure your improvement in health, it provide you motivation

> You can exercise while listening music

> One more thing which is considerable if you feel discomfort like chest pain, headache, hard to breath after the exercise, then discuss with your doctor prior than staring further exercise.

Healthy breath

Healthy breathing or deep breathing increase the air flow through your lungs and improve the mobility of chest.

> For healthy breathing we can approach different yoga technique.

> Best technique for breathing right is anlom-vilom means take the air in from one side of your nose hole and leave it from another hole. You can do this exercise with the help of fingure tips.



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