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Milk is an essential part of a healthy diet for each one of us, whether you are a child or an adult.  It provides one third of the calcium that you should have in a day. It is essential for maintaining good health.

We start drinking milk from a very early stage of our life but most of the people decrease the consumption of milk as they get older. Some people avoid it because they think that it will add large amount of fat in their diet and some believe that they no longer require it and thus leave it. But you should keep in mind that you are never too old to collect the rewards of milk. If you don’t like milk then just roll your eyes and drink it so that you can get its benefits.

It contains many important nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, potassium etc. necessary in your healthy diet. Cow’s milk is also an excellent source of lean protein.


Some of the benefits of milk are:

Most of us know that the calcium and vitamin D in milk keep your bones healthy. But there are a number of other health benefits of milk which will actuate you to add milk in your daily diet.


benefits of milk


  • Healthy teeth: For healthy teeth, milk is one of the best foods to intake. It contains good quantity of calcium, iodine, and phosphorus which will help to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Thus also improves your oral health. The milk contains casein protein which forms a thin layer on the enamel thereby prevent the loss of calcium and phosphate, when teeth is exposed to acid substances in mouth.


  • Healthy bone: Milk is greatest source of calcium and calcium is one of the key factors for healthy and strong bones. In small children it is necessary for bones development and in adults it is necessary to keep their bones strong and in later life protect against bone disorders like osteoporosis.


  • Enhance hydration: To prevent dehydration you should intake adequate amount of water daily. The milk contains good quantity of water molecules which will maintain your body hydrated. In addition to this it will also provide good amount of proteins and nutrients to your body simultaneously. You can also intake skim milk or chocolate milk (which contain carbohydrate, sodium, protein and antioxidants).


  • Building muscles: Milk contains calcium which is necessary for a strong muscular body. Drink a glass of milk after your workout, it will provide protein to build muscle. So add milk as a part of your diet for muscular body.


  • Glowing skin: From centuries the milk is used as a beauty aid. Amino acid in milk helps to keep your skin moisturized and protect from sun damage. The antioxidant property of milk prevents skin damage from environmental toxins. The lactic acid in milk helps in removing dead skin cells and other deposits that causes dull skin.


  • Lowers cancer risk: A number of studies have shown that milk lowers the risk of both colorectal and breast cancer. It contains calcium, vitamin D and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) having anti-cancer benefits, in good amount. The calcium and CLA have been suggested as a protective element in colon cancer.


  • Weight loss: It is found that people who drink skim or low-fat milk are slimmer than those who keep out milk from their diet. The calcium and vitamin D in milk helps in burning fat in your body. Add a glass of milk in your diet with daily exercise to keep your body fit.



To have a variety of health benefits of milk, you can drink milk or can add dairy products like cheese, butter, yogurt and flavored milk in your diet.


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