7 Best food that fight depression

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When you suffer from Depression, it becomes very difficult for you to deal with anything. It not only affects you but also you family and friends. There are many different ways to get out of depression like meditation, therapies, exercise, medicine and also proper healthy diet.




Some people eat food to deal with depression and feel better. But you should take care of what you are eating in depression because some foods like junk foods, sugary foods, alcohol and drugs etc. can cause adverse affect on your mood and body.

So here are some of the healthy food that you should add in your diet plan in order to get out of depression and feel good:


1. Tomatoes:


Tomatoes are wonderful source of folic acid and alpha-lipoic acid which helps your body to fight with depression. They help to convert glucose into energy which in turn helps to make you feel better.

So add tomatoes in your diet plan.



2. Almonds:


Almonds are rich in magnesium which helps in the production of serotonin chemical in your brain. And this makes your body feel good and also improves energy level in your body. Almonds also contain zinc which protects your brain cells and boost the production of neurotransmitter.



3. Green tea:


It is found that green tea acts as booster for our brain. It contains good amount of theanine, an amino acid which helps to improve your mental performance and makes you feel better.

So drink green tea every day.





4. Beans:


Beans are found to be good for your heart and brain. Beans are easy to digest and soothe your body sugar level. They also help to treat diabetes and weight loss.



5. Chocolate:


Chocolate helps to increase the production of serotonin chemical in your body which acts as an anti-depressant for you. Dark chocolate is one of the best heart healthy foods which helps to lower blood pressure and makes you feel good.



6. Mushrooms:


It is found that mushrooms are good for your body and especially your mental health. It helps to lower blood sugar level and makes you feel calm.



7. Vitamin D:


It is found that lack of vitamin D is one of the most common causes of depression. You can intake vitamin D from foods as well as from sun. Some of the vitamin D rich foods are fish, tofu, milk etc.



Those who suffer from depression, add these healthy foods in their regular diet to fight with depression and other people to keep your body away from depression.

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