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Friends we are taking meal everyday but what we should do after that? In the lack of knowledge many people make wrong habits that will cause obesity, heart disease and many more.

By one example we can understand it. Suppose our body is like factory and meal is raw material for factory. In factory, making form raw material to finish product there are different fixed steps, if someone disturb any step then our production cycle will not complete. it is the situation of loss. Similarly in our body after taking meal there are different activity which digest our food and provide us energy in different form and if we disturb it by external means it create loss in the form of obesity and other dieses.


Everyone’s guardian suggests to eat fruit daily. The right time of taking fruit is before the meal because it contains the sugar which is digested easily. If we eat fruit after the meal, it stays in our stomach with meal. After few minutes of eating fruit start deteriorating and as a result our stomach bloated with air.

Drinking Tea

Drinking tea in morning is good habit but in small quantity because it have anti-oxidants quality which helps body against aging. Tea should not take after the meal because it contains polyphenols & tannins which reduce the ability to absorb iron from food of body.


Smoking is dangerous for health weather you take it before or after the meal. But after the meal smoking is 5 to 10 times worse in compare to normal smoking. It contains carcinogens and tar which is very harmful for our lungs and heart.

Taking bath

Taking bath after meal is not good habit because it change the body temperature and our body restrict this  temperature change by wasting energy on blood circulation near the skin and at the same time energy required for digestion  of our meal so blood circulation to the stomach also require. Due to this our digestion process suffers.


Walking just after the meal is not a good habit. Walking after meal causes indigestion and acid reflux. We should walk 30 to 35 minute after the meal. It helps in burning calories in our body.


Sleeping just after meal is not a good habit. We should sleep only 2 hours post your meal. Sleeping just after meal creates excessive pressure on our diaphragm it caused snoring. It also creates burning sensation in our food pipes due to back flow of acidic juice.

Cold drinks

Taking cold drinks or cold water slows down our digestion system due to some muscular actions. It may result in cramping of muscles in stomach create severe pain. After meal drink normal water or little warm water.



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