Super foods for Brain power

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Everyone wants healthy physic with healthy brain. We can get healthy body with proper diet and daily exercise, similarly healthy brain requires nutritional diet and brain exercise.

According to experts food which is rich in Omega-3 fats, vitamins, fiber and has antioxidant property is more beneficial for brain sharpness.



foods for brain power


Walnuts looks like brain in shape and helpful for brain growth. It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which remove harmful radical from our body and improve our learning abilities.


It is a seasonal fruit which is beneficial for brain. It is rich in fiber and enhances remembering power.


Verity of fishes like tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3 fats and have antioxidant property which is beneficial for brain.


Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants (lycopene) which remove toxic substance like free radical from our brain and body cell. Try to use fresh tomato as a part of your salad or food.


It is one of the best breakfast for everyone because it is rich in all nutrients which boost the memory power like fiber, protein and omega-3 fat etc.


Pomegranate is beneficial for blood as well as brain. It is rich is antioxidants which is necessary for healthy brain.

Brown rice:

It provides nourishment to the brain and prevents damage of brain cells. It has many antioxidants like Glutathione etc. which is important for detoxification process of brain cells and enhances immune system.


It is full of antioxidants and rich is fibers which enhances cardiovascular system necessary for healthy brain.

Olive oil:

Our brain does not requires more fat but enough healthy fats are crucial for fine memory, intelligent thinking and stress free mood. Healthy fat means an omega-3 fat which is present in olive oil.


It enhances the cardiovascular system as well as removes free radicals which are toxic for brain cell. Always use fresh garlic for more benefits.


Eggs are rich in proteins and vitamins which provides necessary energy for the brain activities. Eggs are also beneficial for increasing stamina and strength of body.

Green leafy vegetables:

These are very good source for proteins and essential metals like iron and manganese. Use green leafy vegetables everyday in your food. It enhances the blood circulation in brain as well as different parts of body and enhances your antibody to fight with toxic substances.


Doctor advises to take raw carrots because it contains a substance luteolin which stimulates brain functions and enhances your recall memory power.

Coffee and tea:

These two are instant energy booster. Coffee contains caffeine which prevents Alzheimer’s disease related to brain and tea has protective elements for brain. Take tea or coffee 1-2 times in a day.

Some important points

> Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
> Exercise daily for fit body and mind.
> Drink 4 liter of water every day.
> Try to wake up early morning.
> Try to sleep early.


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