Onion health benefits

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An onion is also known as pyaz or kanda (in Hindi). It is used in almost all the recipes. It is one of the oldest nutritive food ingredients known to humankind. Onions are healthy in both the ways- raw and cooked.

Onions are the excellent source of vitamin B and C, sulfur, phyto-nutrients, phosphorous, iron, calcium, potassium, fiber and antioxidants. These all make the onion as an ace assistant in your fight against disease. The tears that onion gives when you peel it, act as a lubricant for your eyes that kill the bacteria and toxins. Onions have low calories (100 gram contain about 45 calories), low sodium and no cholesterol. Raw onions have high amount of sulfur compound that provide many benefits.

Never mind the tears they carry on, just think of all the enormous health benefits packed in it.


Health benefits of onion:


health benefits of onion


  • Onion juice with honey can be used an immediate cure for fever, common cold, cough, sore throat, allergy etc.


  • Onion slows down the bone loss. It prevents osteoporosis, common for aging women.


  • Onions are rich in quercetin which prevents cancer. Stomach and breast cancer rate can be cut down by eating onion.


  • Onion contains chromium which helps in regulating blood sugar. The onion contains allyl propyl disulphide (onion oil) helps to maintain balanced blood sugar level also cut down blood glucose.


  • Onions have anti-bacterial property which kills the bacteria and germs in mouth. Thereby helps in fighting oral infections and thus improves oral health.


  • Inhaling a small piece of onion can slow down or can stop bleeding from nose.


  • Whenever got stung by a honeybee, apply a freshly cut onion or onion juice on the affected area to reduce the pain and burning sensation.


  • The fibers in onion assist in good digestion by promoting the release of digestion juices.


  • Consuming onion daily can burn the bad cholesterol that causes heart problems. It maintains your blood free from clots, protect good cholesterol and keep you safe from coronary disease.


  • Onion contains sulfur which promotes hair growth. It increases the circulation of blood. Apply onion juice on your scalp, two times in a week for about two months. It will improve your hair growth.


  • Onion promotes the blood circulation within our skin tissue and maintains the pH of skin. It promotes healthy and vibrant skin by preventing toxins and pollutants from causing infections.



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