Benefits Of Almond

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Almonds are known for their health benefits to the eye, hair, skin and other parts of the body. It is mainly produced in the United States (California) and Australia. They are a great source of minerals, vitamins, phytosterols, fibre and proteins. If we use 5 to 6 almonds everyday it will fulfil daily protein requirements. We can use them in different forms like raw, grind, soak, flake, flour, milk and oil form. We eat raw almond, with an empty abdomen for more concentration of their nutrients (preferably soak them in water overnight).  Grind and flour almonds use in dishes. Milk of almond, we can drink directly. And oil forms useful for long and strong hair.

This nut is very rich in calcium, zinc, iron, niacin, vitamin E, phosphorous and magnesium. In short form it is “Big nutrient pack in smaller form”.

Benefits of Almond

Almond benefits


Almond helps to prevent the heart diseases and maintains heart health due to the presence of vitamin E (antioxidant property) in it. The risk of heart attack reduces due to the comportment of magnesium in almonds. Doctors advise to take almond with breakfast for supporting heart health.

Body weight

Almond is helpful to maintaining body weight. It is rich is good fat, fiber and proteins which provide enough calorie quantity to maintain body weight.


Almond helps in the absorption and regulation of glucose. Normally diabetes patients suffer after the heavy meal due to increase in sugar level. Almonds help to reduce the glucose level after the meal and make the entire process smooth.


Eat 5 to 6 almonds per day makes your digestion regular. These are rich is fiber, which helps to take away digestion problems like constipation. For effective use drink adequate amount of water after eating almonds.


For pregnant women doctor advice to eat almond because it is rich in vitamin B9(also named Folic acid)  which is water soluble and provide healthy cell development and tissue formation of the baby.

Blood pressure

Due to the presence of potassium in almond , it is beneficial for blood pressure regulation. Other nutrients which require for a healthy life like vitamins, proteins, etc. present in almond.


Almond is rich in vitamin B2, manganese and copper. Vitamin B2 very helpful in producing red blood cells and providing energy to our body form digest food. So we can say it energy providing nut.

Cancer risk

According to research published in Cancer Letters, almond consumption reduces the chances of the large intestine (colon) cancer because it ameliorates the movement of nutriment through colon  the large intestine.


Almond nut provides help to prevent gallbladder form gallstones and improve the liver activity. Regular use of almond reduces the chances of gallstones by 30 percent.

Skin care

Many people suggest using almond oil for skin because it contains fatty acids which create healthy skin.


Note: Person an allergy with almond or suffering from gallbladder or kidney problem should not use almonds.


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