9 Health benefits of honey

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honey health benefitsHoney is a sweet golden fluid which is obtained from beehive. You can consume honey directly or in many other ways like mixing it with warm water or with lemon juice or can put it on bread like jam etc.

The numerous health benefits of honey have made it an essential constituent in nutritional and medicinal value for centuries. Various properties of honey are antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property.


9 Health benefits of honey are:


9 health benefits of honey


1) Heart disease:

Honey act as medicine in case of heart disease due to its anti-oxidant properties. It reduces the cause of cancer and heart disease.

2) Throat irritation:

Honey reduces the throat irritation and provides relief from cough etc.

3) Skin care:

Honey is natural moisturizer for skin. It not only moisturizes the skin but also nourish it. Honey is also rich in anti-bacterial properties which avoid bacterial infection to the skin.

4) Energy booster:

Honey is a wonderful source of carbohydrate which gives potency and energy to your body. During exercise, due to its natural sugar content it helps to prevent tiredness. The glucose in it is absorbed fast and gives immediate energy boost up while fructose is absorbed gradually provides sustained energy.

5) Weight loss:

Although honey contains more calorie than sugar it helps in reducing your body weight. It digests the fat accumulated in your body when consumed with hot water. You can also intake honey with lemon juice to reduce weight.

6) Treat wounds:

The antiseptic property of honey makes it a natural home remedy for the treatment of wounds, cuts and burns. It inhibits the development of certain bacteria and also its antibacterial property keeps wound free from infection and reduce swelling and pain.

7) Provide vitamin and mineral:

Honey contains good amount of various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, calcium and iron.

8) Boost up memory:

Honey contains nectar, an antioxidant that helps to prevent cellular damage and loss inside the brain. Honey helps your body to absorb calcium which in turn boosts your brain health or memory.

9) Solve scalp problems and dandruff:

Honey helps you to get rid of scalp problems like itching, scaling, hair loss and also eliminates dandruff. Dissolve honey in very little (approx 10 percent) warm water and then apply on the problem area of scalp. Leave it for 2-3 hours and then wash out with lukewarm water.


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