Rabies virus : causes and prevention

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Rabies is a viral disease caused by rabies virus. This disease spreads by inoculation of rabies virus into a wound or into a mucous membrane by licking, whereby the virus in the infected animal’s saliva enters human body. Normally the incubation period (Period from bite to occurrence of disease) is 18-90 days. However it can vary from 4 days to as late as 19 years. Nearer the bite to the head, shorter is the incubation period.



In the beginning its symptoms are similar to viral infection symptoms like

rabies symptomsHeadache


Poor appetite


Sore throat




If anyone feels these symptoms, consult to the doctor immediately.


Causes of infection

  1. Bite of infected animals
  2. Licks on wound skin and mucous membrane
  3. Scratches by infected animals
  4. Inhalation of virus
  5. Organ transplantation


 rabies causes and preventionAnimals which transmit rabies

  1. Domestic animal- cat and dog.
  2. Peridomestic animals-buffaloes, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, horses, donkeys, camel.
  3. Wild animals-jackals, monkey, foxes, mongoose, bears.


Prevention against rabies

  1. Never touch animals bite wounds with bare hands
  2. Always make distance form sick animals
  3. Do not provoke any animal
  4. Avoid contact with saliva, tear ,urine and other body secretions of rabies patients
  5. Do not touch chain, food plate etc of animal suspected to be rabid.
  6. If animal bite, immediate clean the wound at site of contact with concentrated soap solution or running tap water for 5 to 10 minutes.


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