Prevention of diabetes

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Now a day most of the people suffer from diabetes. This is more common is women. When sugar level in blood is too much it is called diabetes. It starts due to deficient supply of insulin. In our body, an organ named pancreas creates insulin which provide sugar to different parts of body.

When pancreas not produces sufficient insulin or produces in deficient amount then sugar remain in blood in very high amounts. This gathering of sugar in blood is called diabetes.

Diabetes has two types. Type 1 diabetes starts in child age or young age. In this pancreas not produces enough insulin so body require insulin from outside. Type 2 diabetes start after 35-40 age. This time our body not uses insulin properly. This is more dangerous situation but this is manageable by diet control, weight reduction and medicines.

Symptoms of diabetes

Weight reduction despite healthy meal

Tired very soon

Dryness of mouth

Repeated skin infections and itching

Feeling thirsty most of the time

Increased urination

Increasing power of eye glasses

Sexual weakness in males

High blood pressure

If you experience any of the above symptoms.  Consult your doctor as early as possible. Diabetes can be easily detected by routine check up.


diabetes preventionPrevention of diabetes

Exercise regularly and maintain ideal weight

Start practicing relaxation techniques like yoga

Avoid sugar contain food items like sugar, sweets, honey, beer, wine etc.

Reduce carbohydrate rich meal

Use green leafy vegetables, lemon and garlic.

Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks.

Do not walk bare-foot


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