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AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is a dreaded disease caused by HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus) since 1981, the disease has spread throughout the world infecting millions of people and killing millions.

Facts one should know:

* The virus breaks down the body’s resistance

* The infected person may take several years before symptoms are seen; however, they can infect others.

* The infected persons suffer and die from diseases which do not normally kill.

* Once symptoms are seen, the person is definite to die.



aids and its preventionHow AIDS Spread?

AIDS is mainly sexually transmitted disease. Transmission requires intimate and not casual contact. The virus is present in blood, semen and vaginal exertion.

The FOUR main modes of transmission are :-

a) Through sexual contact with infected persons

b) Transfusion of blood and blood products from infected persons

c) From mother to child, in the womb at birth or through breast milk

d) Through contaminated needles (Injections, tattooing, drug users etc), instruments, blades, tooth brush, etc..


“Risk” Groups for HIV Transmission:

1) Homosexuals

2) Drug addicts

3) Patients attending STD Clinics

4) Foreigners

5) Prostitutes

6) Patients on dialysis

7) New born children of mothers infected with HIV/having AIDS

8) Doctors & Paramedical Staff.



1) Practise safe sex by-

   a) Having only one sexual partner

   b) Avoiding chance sexual contacts

   c) Use condoms in risky situations (condoms are not to be relied. They carry significant failure rate)

2) Use only sterilized needles/instruments

3) Use only HIV – free blood transfusions

4) HIV positive mothers should not conceive


If your family member or friend is HIV – Positive…

* Do not disown him/her

* Give good nutritious diet

* Give full psychological and social support

* Educate fully about AIDS and its transmission

* Continue to live or work with him/her

* Periodically get medical checkups done as advised by your doctor

* Advise him/her to use a fresh condom, correctly and safety for every intercourse, if you are married. (Have safe sex with only one partner)

* If unmarried, AVOID SEX, as far as possible. If sex is inevitable, have only one sex partner and use condom every time.


Please Remember:

* There is no cure for AIDS, it kills! (Antiviral drugs are available, but they cannot kill the virus. They are costly and have lot of side effects)

* Safe sex and avoidance of drugs are best measures.

* “Education” about AIDS is the only vaccine known.


Routes that HIV does not take:

Kissing & Hugging

Bathing in Swimming Pools

Hand Shaking

Mosquito bite/ bite by infected person

Sharing common clothes

Socialising with/looking after people with HIV / AIDS

Crockery / Utensils

Using common toilets

Bites by bed bugs, files, fleas/others insects/pests



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